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This is how the flying tool change works

Modular tool systems for progressive stamping

How do I benefit?

In the case of smaller series, parts variants and many changes, modular tool systems from STEINEL show their true potential.

Tool changes in 5 to 20 minutes instead of 4 hours

Tool design and construction in half the time

Large tool cost savings

How does it work?

Tool changes – inserting and getting started

The modular tool system features a three-stage design:

  • machine-specific basic structure
  • tool-specific adapter plate
  • quick-change tool modules

In order to retrofit for new parts, the adapter plate including the modules is pulled out and replaced by another. Part variants can be implemented by replacing individual modules. This saves time used for retrofitting and machine costs.

Standardised, pre-equipped modules are available from stock, which means that only the active elements have to be custom-manufactured. That means you spend less time and money on tool production.

Austausch des Moduls im Werkzeug

Replace of an individual module – in just 5 minutes

Austausch der Adapterplatte inklusive Modul im Werkzeug

Replace of an adapter plate – in just 20 minutes

I have one more question …

„What’s the life time of the springs?“
„What does the modular system cost?“
„What is the average delivery time for a modular system?“

Who can advise me?

You can get competent advice and answers to your specific questions and requirements straight from our STEINEL team of experts. Call us or send us a message.

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